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GU10Gauge  7006-121-1  GO and NOT GO gauge

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :3 Days

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Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:1000 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:60 cmWidth:40 cm
  • Height:30 cm
  • Packaging:5 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description


GU10Gauge  7006-121-1  GO and NOT GO gauge


To check the base GU10 in the following respects:

a) The diameter of the individual pins (dimension A);

b) The combined displacement and diameter of the pins (dimensions A and D);

c) The length of the pins (dimensions F1 plus J);

d) The recess length and diameter of the pins (dimensions F2 and E).

Testing: a) It shall be possible to insert the individual pins of the base

from surface Z into the hole "a1" and remove the pin along the slot.

b) It shall not be possible to insert the pins of the base into hole "a2".

c) It shall be possible to insert the base into the gauge until the

reference plane of the base is in contact with surface Y of the gauge.

d) In this position, the ends of the pins shall not project beyond the

surface of the gauge.




E27 Lamp gauge


IEC60061-3 7006-27B-1 IEC60061-3 7006-28A-1
IEC60061-3 7006-50-1IEC60061-3 7006-51-2
IEC60061-3 7006-51A-2IEC60061-3 7006-27C-1
IEC60061-3 7006-25A-2IEC60061-3 7006-26-4
IEC60061-3 7006-21-5IEC60061-3 7006-22A-4
IEC60061-3 7006-22B-1IEC60061-3 7006-22C-1
IEC60061-3 7006-22D-1 


E26 Lamp Gauge


IEC60061-3 7006-27D-3IEC60061-3 7006-29L-4
IEC60061-3 7006-29A-2IEC60061-3 7006-29-3
IEC60061-3 7006-29B-2IEC60061-3 7006-29C-2
IEC60061-3 7006-29D-1 


E40 Lamp Gauge

IEC60061-3 7006-25-7

IEC60061-3 7006-26-4
IEC60061-3 7006-24-3IEC60061-3 7006-23-3



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