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IEC60061-3  E14 lamp gauge

MOQ :1 piece

Lead Time :3 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : T/T

Departure Port : Shenzhen

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:1000 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Packaging & Delivery

  • Length:60 cmWidth:40 cm
  • Height:30 cm
  • Packaging:5 piece

Product Specifications

Product Description

IEC60061 IEC60968 E14 lamp gauge


IEC60061-3,7006-27F-1"Go"gauges for E14 caps on finished lamps
IEC60061-3,7006-28B-1"Not go "gauges for E14 caps on finished lamps
IEC60061-3,7006-54-1gauge for finished lamps fitted with E14 caps for testing contact making
IEC60061-3,7006-55-2Gauge for finished lamps with E14 caps for testing port.
IEC60061-3,7006-27G-1"Go" gauges for dimension "S1"of E14 caps on finished lamps
IEC60061-3,7006-25-7E14 "Go" plug gauge for screw threads
IEC60061-3,7006-26-4E14 "Not go" plug gauge for screw thread of lampholders
IEC60061-3,7006-30-2E14 plug gauge for lampholders for testing contract making
IEC60061-3,7006-31-4E14 Gauge for testing contact making and port.Against acc.Contact during insertion
IEC60061-3,7006-30A-1E14 plug gauge for lampholders with candle shaped shaft for candle lamps for testing contract making


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